Tiranga Game App

Do you want to earn money in Tiranga Game?

How to Sign Up in Tiranga Game?

1. Go to the website by clicking the Sign up Now button below

                                                                                           Tiranga Games Registration

2. Click the Sign up button. Once you click it it will direct you to the registration Screen

3 Enter your Phone number.

4. Follow the Password Guidelines

5. Re-enter your password

6. Agree on the Terms

7. Click Register

How to Earn Big Money in Tiranga and keep winning?

The Tiranga Game Lottery app is not only about playing games but also offers many ways to earn money every day. Here are some ways to make money with the Tiranga Game app.

  1. First Deposit Bonus: Join the Tiranga game Lottery program using the invitation code Tiranga game and get a 10x bonus on your first deposit. You can win up to INR 10,000 as first deposit bonus in the Tiranga game.
  2. Daily Bonus and receive Rs. 8,919/ and Registration bonus.
  3. Use Aviator Game, this is the easy game which you can x100 your money
  4. Make Contents and Posts in your social media accounts and earn up to 15,000INR.
  5. Get winning Bonus up to 100%.
  6. Referral Bonus and get up to 3,555,555 INR the first time a guest enters. The amount of the invitation prmotion will be received to your wallet

Tiranga Game is the Best Gambling Platform!

  • Secured website
  • Fast withdrawal, no need to ask any questions
  • 8% Daily Bonus
  • No Age required
  • Customer service is always open